Monday, 24 February 2014

Up for a challenge

Well I have not been the greatest at blogging this month - probably because I have been living in the gym! I signed up to a six week nutrition and exercise plan and have been in the gym 4/5 times a week and preparing healthy food every evening to ensure I stay on track. I had a very successful first 2 weeks losing half a stone but haven't lost any weight since though my body fat has reduced by 6%.    If I am honest it is definitely the eating habits that I struggle with most - I am either 100% focused or I'm not and I cheat myself. So today I have been good (well it is Monday) and hope to have set myself up for a good week ahead. I also started two additional exercise challenges this weekend and today completed day 3.

The first is a plank challenge - I can hold for about a minute at the moment but decided to undertake the challenge from day one to build up my stamina. I fully expect to be struggling with this challenge by day 12!

The second challenge is a squat challenge from this website. I found this link on Pinterest and rather than have my Active Board  full of nice images I thought I had better rise to a couple of the challenges! Day 3 completed today and yay... no squats tomorrow!

Hope these may inspire you to join me (or you can simple read and laugh knowing the pain I am putting myself through!!)

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