Sunday, 18 January 2015

December ATDML Gallery

Finally finished off my December gallery items for A Trip Down Memory Lane Design team. I am only about 3 weeks late which can be forgiven I hope!

I used some of the kit in my December Daily album which I had been working on last month. I carried on taking photos through to the big day and need to print those off in suitable sizes to finish off the last 6/7 days of the month. I will share those next week but have to print off my journaling cards first (and with no operating printer at home at the moment that's a bit of a bind).

Last week at my crop I managed to finish off a page I had started (well I had all the elements in a bag) and create another page.  The first one is of my daughter and I taken on her 18th birthday whilst out shopping. It was a selfie taken on a day where we both had our first buritto - yummy! Should have taken more photos of the food this day!!

I used a combination of Websters Pages (the background) and Kaisercraft (the strip elements) for this page.

The next page was a crazy photo on another day out with Ellie when we decided to get a new Christmas tree as she was not fond of my skinny pop-up one we'd been using for the last few years (because of space) so we ventured out. I loved this real wreath and ended up buying it for our front door and hanging my Christmas banner on it.  A nice fresh pine smell in our porch lingered for the month and almost made up for the artificial tree we ended up buying which was still tonnes better than our pop up one (which I will display in the porch next year when I clear it out!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Throwback Thursday - Proud Grandma

Another throwback Thursday featuring my mum - this time a photo from 18 years ago with Ellie when she first became a Grandma. She was asked if she wanted to be a Nanny or a Grandma and chose the latter as my Nan (her mum) was still alive then and she didn't want them confused!

Funnily enough when my sister gave birth to her eldest some 14 years later mum changed her mind and so was known as Nanny to my nieces.

Still missing that smile of hers so very much xx
Funeral is next Tuesday.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Throwback Thursday - A snowy day in Dec 2010

Throwback Thursday and this chilly day reminds me of a December walk I took with my mum and kids back in 2010. We travelled to her house which was just under an hour away from ours because she had seen snowfall over night (enough for small people to build snowmen) and we had seen but a smattering. The kids begged me to take them over so they could play but to be honest I think mum had more fun building and decorating the snowmen with ivy necklaces than the boys!

Fond memories of my mum called to mind to make me smile.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Doing my best

Aiming to reach my 10,000 steps today
Aiming to eat clean and healthy today
Aiming NOT to consume an entire bar of Oreo Dairy Milk (oops!)
Aiming to be nicer to myself

Friday, 2 January 2015

Thought for the day

Trying my very best to hold up my head and carry on with joy in my heart but some days are just tougher than others.  A friend sent me this a few months back and we chatted about being strong at the right time not all of the time.  Today I'm admitting defeat.  Tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015 - how about a photography challenge for January?

Hello 2015 - and welcome January. How many blog posts are going to be about new beginnings and resolutions this week?? Not mine - just a challenge for you for the month of January. Pop over to Created by ATDML - the blog home for A Trip Down Memory Lane scrapbooking store and join in with the monthly photography prompts to get you snapping away with your camera in the month of January.

This will be a monthly challenge with a new set of 5 prompts on the first of every month.
Not a scrapbooker? You don't have to be - we almost all have smart phones with sophisticated cameras on them these days - just click away with them and have some fun! 

If you are uploading and sharing your images to social media sites please use #atdml when you share your photographs! I plan on on doing so on my Instagram page - pop over and follow me to see how I interpret the challenges!

Welcome January, I am ready for you!