Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Inspiration on every corner

Helloooo blog readers! 

I have been a busy little beaver again (indeed when I am ever NOT busy) with my walking training resumed (6 days a week) and twice a week in the gym doing weights and strength training combined with clean eating 6 days out of 7. I am determined to shape up and shift the very last of my weight and having been a plateau for the last six months something needed to change. The last two weeks have gone very well and I reached my happy place walking in the rain tonight, reminding myself no matter what that the time spent along walking is VERY therapeutic and I fell wonderful after.

It means that other than my crop each month and my ATDML design work I have scrapped very little - and I think another contributing factor to this was a messy crop room. So over the weekend I had clean out - phase 1 and sorted a of couple of bags of recycling and put together a few kits needing just the photos printing off. 

I also did a bit of research looking for new inspiration to kick start layouts. Sketches have always been a good starting point for me, and I love the Shimelle starting point layouts too such as this one. I also have found however than I am inspired visually by book covers, album covers, posters, adverts etc. My theory behind this is because there is usually a small army of creative people behind such images who have studied hard to mix elemnts and their arrangement together such that they capture us, draw us in - appeal to our structured selves or quirky selves, or inspire happiness in their use of colour. Whatever it is it works for me and so I thought I would share such images here. This weekend I am planning on creating a layout inspired by this image.. fancy joining in? Let me know with a comment below if you do!


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