Monday, 25 March 2013

Superhero party invites

Occasionally, having made the odd bespoke card for friends and colleagues, I am asked to make something a little different. Recently a request came in for 40 birthday party invitations for a Heroes and Villains party. I had a browse around the internet to gather some ideas where I could incorporate using my New York Skyline stamp and whilst leaning towards a comic themed design. A browse on eBay too and I found some "POW" and "THWACK" stickers which gave me a colour theme to join up with the my ideas.. and here is what I eventually came up with.
2013-03-22 15.39.14
Obviously the rest of the party details are contained inside with a RSVP to a Special Agent mum who was rather pleased when I sent her a sneak peak of the design. Now if only my printer hadn't run out of ink this evening I would have them all complete but alas the final part will now have to wait until tomorrow. I am rather pleased with how they have come out, even if I did underestimate how long they would take to make!! Never mind - one satisfied customer and a few more spends for the forthcoming ATDML retreat.

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