Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Week in the Life - day two

Tuesday offerings for my Week in the Life

Another healthy breakfast (granola/yoghurt and berries)
Struggled to get up though
Car selfies on way to kids club
Starbucks Chai latte treat (well it is pay day)
Subway for lunch (should have had the salad but yum!)
Shopping/banking/chores done
Another day in the office preparing for valuations next week
Autumn leaves filled car park at work
Autumn leave hedgehog art and star reward chart at kids club
Hungry Bruno & Roxy when we returned home
Busy Tuesday evening with running club for Rob
Petrol refill of the car (and snacks where I resisted chocolate and bought satsumas!)
TV after dinner (#Flash and Autumnwatch)
Bedtime kisses
Relaxing hot bath!

Wondering what today will bring and if mum will let me photograph her when we visit later - I may have to be super sneaky! Need a photo of Miss Ellie that's for sure!!

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