Sunday, 26 October 2014

From under my rock

Crawling out from under my blogger rock not realising how long it had been. Sure with social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and I do hang out on Pinterest a fair bit I appear to have left my blog behind. Alas I think I might have missed it and so on tthe eve of an online activity with Ali Edwards to "document a week in the life" and with November's Art Every Day approaching I think it's time to type away my ramblings again. Of courseDDecember will bring about the return of Timmy the Elf and his festive antics andthen with have a new year with all its good intentions. Add a few Throwback Thursday posts, sharing of my scrapbooking projects for my crop Enfield ScrapMates and for theAATDML design team gallery and  I've reallreall no excuse to stay silent!

See you tomorrow (even if I'm typing to myself!)

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