Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015 - how about a photography challenge for January?

Hello 2015 - and welcome January. How many blog posts are going to be about new beginnings and resolutions this week?? Not mine - just a challenge for you for the month of January. Pop over to Created by ATDML - the blog home for A Trip Down Memory Lane scrapbooking store and join in with the monthly photography prompts to get you snapping away with your camera in the month of January.

This will be a monthly challenge with a new set of 5 prompts on the first of every month.
Not a scrapbooker? You don't have to be - we almost all have smart phones with sophisticated cameras on them these days - just click away with them and have some fun! 

If you are uploading and sharing your images to social media sites please use #atdml when you share your photographs! I plan on on doing so on my Instagram page - pop over and follow me to see how I interpret the challenges!

Welcome January, I am ready for you!

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