Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Photos of 2014

2014 has been a year full of adventures, family and friends. Here are a few (well more than a few!) of my favourite photographs and memories on this, the last day, of 2014.

Mothers day in mum's garden taking silly selfies with Ellie - March2014

ScrapMates Mad Hatters Tea Party - March 2014

Scotland visit with friends & Matt Cardle Glasgow Gig - April 2014

Rob takes up and becomes addicted to running - June 2014

The arrival of Fred the Hamster - Jamie's pet! - June 2014

Robert receiving highest Cub Scout Award with his Dad & Grandad - July 2014

My gorgeous kids at our friends' wedding - July 2014

Frinton-on-Sea day out with mum and the boys - July 2014

Summer holidays day out to Kew Gardens - July 2014

Back to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and more time with friends - July 2014

Go Ape Adventures - Leeds Castle Aug 2014

Homegrown Music Festival and Cardle cuddles - Aug 2014

Books about town with Caroline - Aug 2014

Summer holiday to Kos - Sept 2014

I stood up to Cancer and got Pretty Muddy - Sept 2014

ATDML Autumn retreat - Oct/Nov 2014

Ellie turned 18 - Nov 2014

Christmas jumpers day - Dec 2014

Return of Timmy with his trainee Elf Ted - Dec 2014

Fun times preparing for the festive season - Dec 2014

The newest Freeman - Ronnie - Dec2014

Thank you to everyone who made me smile, laugh, and shared in the good and bad times of 2014. You know who you are xx
It didn't end of the brightest of notes but it was a year full of adventure, travelling, friendship and family time and I look forward to more good times in 2015.

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