Friday, 24 January 2014

Another physical challenge

Those of you who know me will recall I have trained for, entered and completed two nighttime walking marathons. May last year saw me complete the MoonWalk in London and the September before I completed the SHINE marathon (having already completed in a Swimathon in the April and a 15k nighthike in the May). I then injured my hand in a boxing class and didn't train at all from mid August last year until December when I joined a new gym and started trying to bring my fitness back up.

It isn't the time of year to be out walking - nights are long, it is bitterly cold and it just isn't plain safe to be out walking unless it is daytime and with work five days a week and a family it's just not great.  However I have rediscovered my love of the gym and have been going at least 4 times a week doing a combination of spin classes and circuit style classes. I also want to be able to run 5k and then hopefully (maybe!) 10k and so I looked at signing up for a small 5k challenge - you know, to give myself a target. Of course the obvious choice is the Race for Life and look what I discovered when I went to look at dates in 2014...

Pretty Muddy!!  So guess who is signed up for October 2014? - Plenty of time to master running 5k non stop and combined with gym interval/circuit training I am hoping the thoroughly enjoy this event! I love their byline - Cancer plays dirty, but so can we! Just a bit more than a 5k with the muddy assault course thrown in, but after a walking marathon of 42k (26.2miles) a simple 5k run seemed, well, not very challenging! Saying that I currently can't run for much more than 2/3 minutes before I want to stop but as with everything practice will improve this I know. I may even try and undertake the couch to 5k challenge again!! Who knows!!

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