Sunday, 28 December 2014

Fitbit Flex and return of the walking

My Christmas present to myself with a contribution from my lovely in laws was a Fitbit flex an activity tracking gadget. I had the Fitbit one previously and it really motivated my but it was attached to my clothing via a clip and I accidently washed it twice! So I rather fell in love with this version that I can wear on my wrist every day. It syncs wirelessly to my laptop (new one from hubby for Christmas - lucky me) and I have an app on my phone as well. I have set myself a target of 10,000 steps a day until the end of January when I might increase it - depending on how I get on. Walking really helps me to clear my head, is great all round exercise and can be done in short intervals so I can fit it in around my busy lifestyle.  I will be walking regularly once I get back in to my daily/weekly routine in the new year and with mum's funeral to start of 2015 I will need the windy wintery walks to blow away the pain. I find they really help and the natural endorphins created through exercise do make me feel better at this difficult time.

I was surprised I made the target today having spent the day decluttering and clearing out my craft room ready for a room swap to the top floor. The boys have decided not to share the larger bedroom any longer but to split up and move to smaller separate bedrooms and we have a craft/computer/games room in the larger room to all be together. It is going to take some organising but I have made a good start today and again the clear out has given me a focus and purpose at a time when I am struggling to know what to do on a daily basis.

Lets see what tomorrow brings xx

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