Friday, 26 December 2014

Stay close mum x

December 19th after many weeks in hospital with pancreatitus my mum passed away aged just 66. If you know me,  if you've met me then you'll  know I'm full of life.  I'm loud and strong willed,  I'm determined and confident (most of the time) and I smile from ear to ear. All these things I get from my mum.  She taught me to stand on my own two feet,  to strive to be a capable, confident women. She was such a significant person that it is hard to comprehend she is no longer here.  It's even harder to get up each day and start doing something when she doesn't get to.  It's beyond unfair.

I've had to keep the magic of Christmas  going for my children but my sparkle has been dimmed.  I'm glad I had already wrapped all my presents, apart from one which oddly enough was for mum.  I bought her a pair of porcelain lotus flower candle holders and hadn't yet found a nice right sized box for them. These will be mine now, forever a reminder each time I light a candle for mum.

Stay close mum, I miss you xx

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