Friday, 27 March 2015

Well I do like a challenge!

After a few months of not really putting myself first, or looking after myself much since losing mum I have decided I needed to kick myself up the behind! I lost over 3 stone 2 years ago, with regular gym days, I completed a swimathon of 100 lengths, and I walked 2 night-time marathons.  I was eating better and making sure I took care of myself, the person who is responsible for taking care of several others and usually put herself towards the bottom of the list! The weight has crept back on lately, not all of it, but a fair amount and it is not helping me fell like me.

Well it's time to climb back up the list, I have been back in the gym, I have been striving to achieve my 10,000 daily steps and I have signed up for a 15km night hike in May and another 5km Race for Life Pretty Muddy run in July (well I did enjoy last years!!). The local Mayors fun run will be early September (only a 3k or a 10k - yet to decide if I think running 10k is mad!!) and the Shine Marathon is the end of Sept which I am strongly thinking of doing again so I can focus my training during the summer.

And this is one of the photographs from last year that I have yet to scrapbook so it will be printed off soon and added to my take-away pile for the forthcoming A Trip Down Memory Lane retreat. I am teaching two classes (one Fancy Pants and one Crate Paper) and a make and take card.  I finished the last class this evening :) and am actually rather happy with it! Sneak peaks to follow next week and of course I will share the final creations after the event. In the meantime here is a layout of one of those two walking marathons I completed, just to remind myself I am awesome and I can do this!!

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself - you've been through so much lately and you will get back on track. I love the Moonwalk layout and am going to be lifting it :) x