Friday, 17 April 2015

Missing Mum and getting through the firsts...

Today would have been my mums 67th birthday. It is our first birthday without her and I feel a little lost. I can't get to her resting place today to place flowers but I will go over the weekend, this is what I would have done if she were still here so I will not allow myself to feel guilty about this. I do wish I could talk to her, have a hug, just spend a while longer in her company but it was not to be .I always saw mum on or around her birthday and always tried to grab a photo with her if she'd allow (she hated having her photo taken).  We still have firsts to go through, first special days without her that are even harder to cope with than the regular days where your grief is manageable.

We got through the first mothers day without her though many, many tears were shed this day, and more recently the kids and I got through Easter with no Grandma to hide the eggs and arrange the Easter hunt for us, followed by a roast lamb dinner.  My sister and  I spent Easter Sunday together this year and made what I hope will be a new tradition with our children together, hunting for eggs in her garden.  We did also did Easter crafting which they all enjoyed and of course I have many photographs. This is one of my favourites of my Jamie and I used this on a sketch challenge last weekend whilst away the ATDML retreat.

I had made up several kits with photos thrown in for the weekend to make the most of my time and used one and the sketch to create this page.

A little masking and inking, some spritzing, paper layering, washi tape, chipboard hearts and a rub-on for the title.  I don't suppose they will continue to be as interested in crafting as they grow up and sports become a bigger focus for them both but I will enjoy it whilst I can. They love looking through their scrapbook albums and recalling memories from their past and having lost two grandparents in just 8 short weeks it is more important than ever for me to preserve these special moments for them.

Miss you mum, hope you have a G&T in heaven. I shall raise a glass to you tonight xx


  1. Thinking of you all today Ann - I know how hard it it to lose your Mum - still very hard for me at times after 24 years. I shall raise my G&T to her tonight. Ruthx